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OnePlus 5 smartphone giveaway

MakeUseOf has done a review of OnePlus 5 smartphone, and they claim it is most likely the best phone you can buy right now! Not only that, but it is also the cheapest high-end device you can currently get on the market! While it is priced at a bit higher price tag then previous OnePlus models, it is still dirt cheap, compared to Samsung current flagship galaxy S8, and claimed by MakeUsOf, quite a bit better as well. They decided to gift one, to one lucky winner among all the people that enter their OnePlus 5 smartphone giveaway! To try your luck and claim your free entry, follow the instructions and the link below!


Take a look at the comparison video of Samsung s8 and OnePlus 5



  1. Follow the link to a giveaway widget: OnePlus 5 giveaway
  2. Log in to a giveaway widget using your email and name, or facebook and twitter accounts
  3. Do all the tasks you can in order to get your free entry!
  • Winner will most likely be contacted by email or announced in giveaway widget




END: September 14th 2017

REGION: Worldwide

PRIZES: OnePlus 5 smartphone

Giveaway-Palace wishes you good luck!

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