Welcome to Giveaway Palace

Welcome dear internet traveler! You have, perhaps inadvertently, but luckily,  stumbled into a palace, where numerous opportunities await you! Do not be afraid and take a look inside our treasury of numerous giveaways, which we update daily, and pick the ones you like!

One site, to rule them all, our purpose is, to create a beacon of light, where all giveaways can be found in one place, thus minimizing the work you need to do, in order to find them yourself! All giveaways are held by third party companies, this site only servers as a collection hub, for people that like to participate in them.

Giveaway Palace came forth, while the humble creator was trying its luck in the game of free winning, and realized that finding giveaways is not at all easy as it might seem. Desire was born, to create a place, where other people can go daily and without any hassle, find for them selves new giveaways.

We also offer an opportunity for small and big companies alike, running any giveaways, that would like to maximize their giveaway’s event popularity, to contact us, and share the details of the giveaway, and we will put it on our site.


Have fun and enjoy! Happy winning everyone!